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What we do

Two in Mind was a project of the mental health charity Mind Cymru to

‘Optimise the social and emotional environment of the infant’.

This has been achieved in two ways;

1) Early intervention resources: Making early intervention resources (face to face, book and online) available for all family practitioners to use; specifically Enjoy Your Bump (antenatal); Enjoy Your Baby (Post-natal); Enjoy Your Infant (ante/post-natal attachment). Based on CBT.

2) Training: Building capacity in primary care by training family practitioners in the new accredited Level 3 qualification and Level 2 certificate in Maternal and Infant Mental Health, now part of the Healthy Child Programme Wales recommend training.

The project has now come to an end but we hope that the website will still be useful.



The facts

  1. 15 - 35% of women experience significant stress, anxiety and depression during and after pregnancy
  2. 4 out of 10 Fathers reported anxiety and depression during this time too
  3. Most pregnant women do not seek help from their doctor or health professional if they are struggling with their mental health
  4. Approximately 50% of women thought their low mood was due to feeling isolated